Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

When I first heard Enjoy The Silence, this was the moment where I first fell in love with Depeche Mode.


I’m Here! Depeche Mode Bar, Riga, Latvia

I finally made it to Riga and what a beautiful city with 800 year old Gothic churches, medieval buildings in the Old Town and exquisite Art Nouveau buildings.  After travelling on the bus for four hours from Tallinn, Estonia to Riga, Latvia, I was in need of some Depeche Mode!  I was staying in Riga for two days where the main priority was to visit the Depeche Mode Bar which was only a 10 minute walk from my hotel situated in the Old Town.

Having to wait all day until the bar opened at 6.00 pm was excruciating to say the least!  I had previously navigated on a map the quickest route to the bar whilst also dodging the hordes of tourist standing around looking lost.  Once arriving at the bar, I just had to take a photo while listening to the thumping beat of Depeche Mode drifting out through the window.
DM Bar, Riga Latvia

Walking through the front door, down the stairs into the cellar bar, I was greeted with the recognisable red and black décor, Violator roses scattered on the back wall, TV screens playing continuous Depeche Mode videos and memorabilia was strategically placed throughout the bar.  The Delta Machine symbols illuminated the bar with red lighting which was very cool and of course there was a small range of  DM Bar merchandise for sale.

2014-08-27 18.01.46

The most noticeable memorabilia when entering the bar was the large yellow car door with a “U” painted on it.  In Depeche Mode’s video “Useless” which is from their 1997 album Ultra, Dave Gahan, Martin L Gore and Andy Fletcher are driving a yellow car which has a large “U” on the side of it; “U” being for Ultra.  By the way, this is one of my favourite songs.  Aren’t they all, I hear you saying!  If you want to check out the awesome video click here:

Useless Car door, Riga

Another nice touch were the over sized light bulbs scattered around the bar.  These light bulbs featured throughout Depeche Mode’s video “In Your Room” from their 1993 album “Songs of Faith and Devotion”.  If you want to see the video, check it out here:

2014-08-27 18.02.50

Visitors to the bar are encouraged to write something meaningful to them about Depeche Mode on one of the walls closest to the bar.  Of course I had to write a little something special and leave my mark in one of the coolest bars ever!

The DM Bar was opened early 2014 and is owned by a local guy who was very friendly and a massive Depeche Mode fan.  I would recommend anyone who is a Depeche Mode fan to check this bar out.  The drinks are reasonably priced; they serve snacks (hot chips / wedges), great music (of course!) and it’s just a cool little place to hang out for a few hours.

Next Stop: DM Baar, Tallinn, Estonia

The next stop on my travels was to visit the DM Baar in Tallinn, Estonia Upon total amazement of discovering such a heavenly place, I just had to add this particular bar to my travel list. I made a point of planning my travels so that I was able to spend my birthday specifically at the DM Baar, relishing in the delight of listening to Depeche Mode while having a nice drink or three. I really couldn’t think of a pleasanter way to spend an evening. As Tallinn was at the tail end of my month long trip through Europe, I couldn’t wait to get there, but also knowing the fact that I would also be turning a year older didn’t really appeal too much.

I had booked an apartment in the Old Town ensuring it was close to the DM Baar; is a three minute walk close enough? The evening finally approached. I was so excited to finally be on my way. Walking down the narrow lane I looked up and the clouds parted, allowing a ray of sunlight to stream downwards and there it was… the DM Baar sign with the Violator rose. As I approached closer to the open doorway, I could hear Dave Gahan’s silky baritone voice amongst the electronic beat that is Depeche Mode.  OMG I couldn’t believe it, I was finally here! Of course I had to take a photo outside the bar as you can see below.

Outside DM BaarNow just a few facts about the DM Baar. The DM Baar was originally opened in 1999 by a devoted fan but it was in 2001 when on 27 August Depeche Mode members Martin L Gore, Andy Fletcher and Christian Eigner partied the night away in the DM Baar before their Tallinn concert. They also returned to the bar in 2006 during their “Touring the Angel” tour. There were photos capturing these most awesome moments which take on a shrine like ambiance on one of the walls in the bar. How cool is that?


I walked through the doorway and was greeted by red and black décor with the distinctive sound of the pounding beat of “Enjoy the Silence” from Depeche Mode’s 1990 Violator album and also one of my favourite songs! I almost, almost had a tear in my eye….

2014-08-23 22.22.55

The cocktail menu was quite extensive where each cocktail was named after a Depeche Mode song. I had to try a number of cocktails as it would have been extremely rude not to. I would have to confirm my favourite were World in My Eyes, Dangerous, Blue Dress and Personal Jesus. Don’t ask me what was in them. They tasted great, end of.


There was a treasure trove of memorabilia on the walls and on the table tops such as signed posters, photos of the band, ticket stubs, album covers, lyric sheets and so on. For any Depeche Mode fan, this can only be described heavenly.


Even the toilets had “Mr Feathers” and “Mrs Feathers” images on the door which was a nice touch.  Sorry I don’t have the Mrs Feathers image.

Mr Feathers

For those who may not be aware of Mr Feathers, he featured on Depeche Mode’s 2005 album “Playing the Angel”.

PTAAll the while, there were a number of TV screens playing a continuous loop of Depeche Mode’s live concerts such as their epic 1988 performance at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, captured in D A Pennebaker’s film “101” or simply their “The Videos 86>98” featuring almost two dozen music videos. It really didn’t matter what they played, it was Depeche Mode, no explanation necessary.

Every now and then I managed to drag my eyes away from the TV screen to look around the bar only to find numerous patrons memorised, gazing at the TV screens with a small smile on their face; happy in the fact they were able to relax, have a cold drink while listening to one of the best bands in the world.

As you may have noticed in my previous post, I do like a little bit of merchandise! The DM Baar had a great range of mugs, key rings, t-shirts and DVD’s. I was lucky enough to have my sister (who lives in New Zealand) contact the bar and organised the barman to give me a couple of really cool mugs as a birthday present from her.  What a great sister!


The top picture is the front of the mug and the second picture is the back of the mug, but it is only when hot water is poured into the mug, the picture of Depeche Mode appears on the back of the mug. I thought that was pretty cool.

I spent three evenings at the DM Baar and believe me I didn’t want to leave! If you ever find yourself visiting Tallinn, then I would recommend the DM Baar even if you’re not a Depeche Mode fan as the atmosphere is friendly, with reasonably priced drinks and it’s just a little bit quirky.

See you next time when I’ll post a piece on the DM Bar, Riga, Latvia.