How it all began…

This is a great post from the founding member of Konga. I love Konga!! 🙂


DSC_8964I was nineteen years old sitting in an Economics lecture at Curtin University scribbling away in my notebook. I should have been listening to the beauty of non-cooperative game theory and social choice but instead I was fixated on something else. I was consumed by the idea that no one was offering a workout for the everyday Australian. For the woman who was uncoordinated as anything but felt alive when the music turned up. For the girl who wanted to lose weight but couldn’t stand the treadmill . For the Mum who needed to keep fit but would never dare enter a gym. For the busy woman who didn’t have time to workout but needed it. My economic ears pricked because I knew there was demand but no one was filling it the right way.

I called my Mum and said “I think I can make this work….what do you…

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