To Juice or Not To Juice

I’ve always wondered what the hype was regarding a juice cleanse.  My thoughts are, if you eat a well-balanced diet, you should already be consuming at least 2 – 3 serves of fruit and around 5 serves of vegetables per day.  I try to stick to a well-balanced diet during the week but when the weekend hits, I let my hair down and partake in a little indulgence i.e. a delicious piece of cake or a meaty burger!  It’s all about the 80 / 20 rule for me; eat well 80% of the time and indulge 20%.

After reading a substantial amount of research on the internet (hey, it’s all true facts on the interweb right?) where a juice cleanse is designed to give the digestive system a rest, allowing the body to eliminate toxins and flood the body with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, I decided to give juicing a whirl.

I found a reputable company in Perth who provided a variety of juice cleanses where I opted for a two day cleanse which consisted of 8 x 375ml bottles per day.  Each bottle was numbered # 1 to # 8 indicating the order which to drink the juice.  But before even starting the juice cleanse I had to prepare my body two days prior where I had to eliminate caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, nicotine, refined starches (e.g. bread, white rice and pasta).  I also had to cut back on dairy, poultry, red meat and processed foods.  As I noted earlier, I generally eat a well-balanced diet so the elimination of certain food was not too much of a hardship though I did experience a few headaches from reducing the number of cups of tea I drink per day which wasn’t fun at all!

juicing bottles




Day of Cleanse
I woke up quite excited and couldn’t wait to drink my first juice.  I pulled bottle # 1 from the fridge and read the ingredients consisting of cucumber, celery, lettuce and lemon; I was not a happy girl.  I cannot stand the taste of either cucumber or celery so I pulled up my big girl britches and drank that juice like there was no tomorrow!  It was pretty foul but I told myself, it’s only the first juice, things must get better from here…. right?

I had to drink each juice every 1 ½ – 2 hours and I found myself watching the clock constantly!  Okay juice number # 2 was up… white tea, pineapple, lemon, mint and filtered water.  Yeah, it was okay… again britches pulled up!

Number # 3 – Carrot, orange, lemon and ginger – Meh!
Number # 4 – Carrot, red apple, celery, lemon and beetroot – Delicious!
Number # 5 – Green apple, pears, celery, lettuce and kale – Delicious!  Couldn’t taste the celery thank goodness!
Number # 6 – Pear, grapefruit, lime, mint – Disgusting
Number # 7 – Red apple, green tea, strawberry, pomegranate and tomato – Yummy!
Number # 8 – Filtered water, almond, cacao, date and spice – Tasted like a chocolate milkshake, Yummy!

Throughout the day I noticed the following:

  • I was constantly hungry – no surprises there right?  My stomach was howling (and no, it wasn’t a full moon!);
  • I was chilled to the bone.  I wore a thermal top, had a blanket wrapped around me with the heater on and I still couldn’t get warm;
  • I felt miserable;
  • I started to worry my body was starting to break down protein in my muscles, essentially wasting away my muscles.  I do realise this wasn’t really happening (yet!), but I kept thinking all my hard work of lifting weights and cross training were going to waste (literally!);
  • I had thrown away AUD$120 of my hard earned money!

At the end of the first day of the cleanse I decided I wasn’t going to continue with day two as it just wasn’t worth the pain and suffering!   Besides not consuming the recommended calorie intake for the day, I was literally starving my body of protein and fat.

Overall, a juice cleanse may be more suitable to someone who doesn’t eat such a healthy diet where a cleanse could be the kick start required to begin a healthy eating regime.   All I can say is that being a healthy kiwi gal, I love my food and will not be undertaking a juice cleanse ever again.

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