Huh? Say What Now?

Have you ever heard a conversation and thought what the heck?  I work in an office where we all sit in an open plan, cube like environment.  All conversations are overheard, so we always have to remember to be a little discrete about what is being discussed, especially if the topic is personal.

One guy in my office, let’s call him Grant, generally likes to talk very loud, even more so when he is on the telephone.  It is quite clear from Grant’s numerous telephone conversations (there are many!), he is caring for his elderly mother which of course is very nice of him, but there was one conversation I overheard which I am now permanently scarred for life (yes I’m being dramatic, again…)

He was on the telephone to a lingerie company and was purchasing some Chantilly lace bras and underwear for his mum.  You would think that was bad enough but what was most haunting was he then informed the person on the other end of the line that last time he purchased this particular type of underwear, the incontinence pad did not stay in place and poor mum woke up very wet the next morning!  Please remember people, this conversation took place in an OFFICE!  So totally inappropriate indeed!  Over 40 people in the office heard this conversation.  Imagine if you will, an office full of Meerkats looking at each other like, huh?  Say what now?!  There is a time and place to hold these types of conversations and this was definitely one which Grant should have taken outside.  I’ll email my therapy bill to Grant tomorrow.

I would love to hear of any other inappropriate office conversations you may have overheard?

Say What Now

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