Fishbowl Effect

So who remembers the “ugly naked guy” from the hit TV show Friends?  This guy lived in the building across from Monica and Rachel’s apartment and would often be seen wandering in his apartment naked or working a thigh master naked, of course.  He was often an amusement piece for the show.

Sometimes I feel I’m on Friends where I currently live in an apartment in the CBD and have found the whole “fishbowl” effect has taken a little getting used to.  My apartment looks onto two other apartment blocks and all residents are able to see directly into each other’s apartments.  When the sun is shining just right, you are able to see a lot, thank goodness no ugly naked guys!   But I have given my neighbours a few nicknames which are as follows:

There is one guy across the way who I call the “washing guy”.  Guaranteed every Saturday and Sunday morning he’ll be out on his balcony in his PJ’s hanging his washing; he is one studious washer of clothes indeed!  Another neighbour is the “hot tattoo guy” where he likes to stand on his balcony and watch the world go by, sans shirt… do I need to say more or shall I just wipe up my drool…?  As in most apartment blocks, there are the neighbours who are known to everyone as the “loud and obnoxious dickheads” who I’m sure you can guess, are loud and obnoxious!  There is the “push up guy” who likes to do at least 50 push ups in front of his TV during the ad breaks and then proceeds to give a high five… but he lives alone… maybe he’s giving a high five to his imaginary friend?  Finally we have the “Y fronts guy” who stands on his balcony in his off white Y fronts who looks more like this than this.

I find it quite fascinating observing how these people (not in a stalker way!) live their lives.  We are all different but very similar at the same time.  I just wonder what my neighbours have nicknamed me… actually, I don’t want to know! Ross_and_Ugly_Naked_Guy

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