Put The Girls Away, Girls!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see Black Sabbath in concert.  I have loved Black Sabbath since I was a teenager and it was so awesome to hear their music live for the first time ever!  The Prince of Darkness himself was faultless, but I had to chuckle a little watching him shuffling across the stage like a 90 year old grandpa!

Nowadays there are massive video screens behind the stage and on this particular evening the cameras were filming the usual close up shots of the band.  Then all of a sudden the cameras panned across the audience and a couple of women decided it was an opportune time to flash their “girls” to the audience, which of course of the guys loved.  I can say I’ve never been to a concert where this has happened (yes I’m sweet and innocent!)  Anyway, the final time the camera panned across the audience, we all endured an excruciating eyeful of these braless “wrinkly low swinging girls”!  At this point we hadn’t seen the women’s face but as she was pulling her top back down into place, I think the audience became quite shocked at what came next…. holy crap, she was at least 70!  My eyes were tortured; I just couldn’t believe what I saw, my mind couldn’t comprehend the scene!  As hard as I tried to close my eyes, it was like witnessing a train wreck where you just couldn’t turn away!  Why does a 70 year old women think it’s okay to flash her girls to everyone… we’re not at Woodstock now love!

Earlier in the evening an extremely off white, size 38FF bra was thrown on stage; pretty much hitting Ozzy Osbourne in the eye, which I can only presume belonged to the 70 year old women.  Maybe she was a groupie from way back and wanted Ozzy’s attention so they could hook up after the show?  All I can say is that I now need extensive therapy to get over this horrific vision; it is etched in my mind forever and yes I’m now rocking back and forth… help!! Ha Ha


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