You Gotta Let Go Already!

Quite often when I’m out walking, getting in my 30 minutes of exercise a day, I have noticed a number of couples exercising together which is great, but I have one question, why when running together do you have to hold hands?  Come on now, it’s hard enough trying to exercise without potentially having the added tension of one partner who could be a little slower than the other.  I can imagine the conversation now, “come on honey, you’re dragging your ass!”

Then there is the issue of sweaty hands…  If you’re out running as an individual, usually it’s a sweat fest anyway, let alone having to hold another person’s hand while mid sweat!  All that slipping and sliding, just seems a little gross to me (well, maybe they like that, who knows)?   I have to admit, it kind of makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

My Uncle Bill use to laugh at these couples and say “it’s because they don’t want to get lost!”

This would only ever be acceptable if the couple were 80 years old, then I would find it adorable.

I can only come to the conclusion that these are the types of couples who have no individuality, maybe dress the same and certainly don’t want to do anything without the other.  (OMG, I’m about to throw up in my mouth again, sorry, gulp, ewwww)!

I’d love to hear what you think about these couples?

holding hands

7 thoughts on “You Gotta Let Go Already!

  1. Sooooo funny!!!!! I just recently started walking again and I noticed couples jogging together which I thought was strange because I don’t see how they run at same exact pace….but I haven’t noticed hand holding…. Yet. You have the same reactions I do!!!!! Cheers, mate!


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