The Knife & Fork Of It All

A couple of weekends ago, I was on my way out of the city to spend a lovely weekend in a small town close to some beautiful beaches.  I decided to stay in a reasonably cheap motel as at the moment I’m trying to save some spending money for my next big overseas trip.  Where is your next big overseas trip you ask?  Well, I’m going to Barbados Mon!  Anyway I digress….  The motel’s website stated they provided a toaster and kettle in each room.  Great, I thought, I’ll save myself some money and I’ll pack my own breakfast so I don’t have to fork out $25 on breakfast at a local café.  (Please Note:  It doesn’t matter I ate out for all my other meals ah?)  At the moment, I’m not eating a lot of bread (it makes me too bloated, but I’m sure you really didn’t need to know that!), so I decided it was time to break out; be a rebel; be daring and included TWO slices of my favourite wholegrain bread in my breakfast pack with a little margarine and some Vegemite, as you do!

After spending a wonderful day being a tourist in the little beachside town, I headed back to the motel for a good night’s sleep whilst also looking forward to indulging in the scrumptious breakfast I had planned in the morning.  Upon waking the next morning, whilst still in my sleepy state, I headed over to toaster and popped in two slices of bread, ensuring the setting wasn’t going to burn my delicious wheatiness of course…  I grabbed a plate from the cupboard, the margarine out of the fridge and the Vegemite out of my bag.  Duh I forgot the knife, hello you need something to spread these goodies on your toast, wake up!  So I went to locate the knife. What the heck… where are the knives?  I proceeded to look in all of the cupboards, moving the plates, glasses and cups out of the way.  I looked in the wardrobe (well, you never know!), I even looked in the bedside table where I only found the usual stock standard motel bible…. nope, nothing….  Where the heck are the knives or even the forks come to think of it?  How about the bathroom cupboard?  Wishful thinking there my friend…  I thought maybe the cleaner had encountered a bad day previous to my arrival due to the boss being mean to them, so they’d decided to play a little trick and hide the utensils; no such luck.  There was not one knife or fork found at the scene…  OMG I couldn’t actually believe they didn’t provide utensils!  Why would the motel advertise they provided a toaster but no utensils is just plain weird don’t you think?  It would be like providing a bed with no mattress or advertising they have a pool all year round, but it’s always empty of water.  Come on now people, what the heck?

Luckily I found a plastic spoon (don’t ask me where I found it.) which I used to spread the margarine and Vegemite on the toast, but I have to say, it just wasn’t the same.  The margarine wasn’t spread evenly, therefore it didn’t melt in the way it should; the Vegemite was in little Vegemite clumps which isn’t the best at any time….. So all in all, my delicious, scrumptious breakfast I’d been dreaming about for which felt like an eternity (yes, I’m being a little dramatic now) just wasn’t up to scratch…. I was so, so disappointed.

sad face

When checking out of the motel, I told the owners there were no utensils in the room, thinking it was probably just an oversight.  Their response was “they get stolen”.  Huh?  Who would want to steal utensils and more importantly, why?  Maybe a previous guest stole a knife as their letter opener had become blunt, or stole a fork as they felt it was time to weed their garden or turn over soil during harvesting season?

Note to all you lovely readers:  When deciding to stay in a budget motel, ensure they provide utensils or bring your own!


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