What’s the most annoying sound ever?

My next instalment is about annoying sounds and no, it’s not about me being dramatic (ha ha!). I would like to think there are many people out there who would fully agree with me!

I catch the bus to and from work every day and luckily for me, it is usually only a seven minute bus ride (yes, I’ve timed it cause I’m a geek!).  Whilst at the bus stop in the morning, there is often a man (dressed like a cowboy… no, I’m not joking – let’s just say I wish he looked like this but he doesn’t…) on his iPad and from what I can see and hear; he is learning a new foreign language which is great!  We both board the bus and in normal circumstances you would sit in your chosen seat and watch the world go by for a few relaxing minutes of peace before the reality of work hits us, right?  Well this would be a big NO for me peoples!  All of the passengers are tormented as we have to endure the horrific sounds of a.) The blip sound coming from the cowboy’s iPad each time he touches the screen and b.) The sound of a foreign language audio voice recording also coming from his iPad.  It’s quite clear he is an auditory learner and is learning the language by sound, but come on now…. does the whole bus have to listen to it as well?  I can only presume he isn’t aware that the sound waves coming from his iPad are impinging on our early morning; still half asleep and grumpy ear drums.  Turn the sound off dude!  On the plus side though, I could learn a new language while on my way to work each day… I wonder what the cowboy would say if I sat next to him and said I wanted to learn the language with him and could I please sit next to him each morning in order to do so?  Maybe I should do that, then he’d get scared and turn the sound off!  Hey it’s Monday tomorrow, right?  I’ll let you know how I get on!

This gets me thinking about other really annoying sounds… the mobile phone…. Primarily more so when someone is sending a text and has their keypad tone up to full volume.  What’s worse is when they’re sending a text, and they’re NOT USING PREDICTIVE TEXT!  It’s excruciating.  Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep – I’m annoying myself just typing the word beep!  I was talking to a work colleague about this particular annoying sound and she commented that it is usually the older folk who love their mobile phone keypad tone up to full volume…  Is it because they think they need to “hear what they text”?

Actually in my workplace, there are a couple of guys who are extremely annoying… in what way you ask?  Well, one of them likes to pucker his lips together and whistle a lovely tune for his fellow work colleagues; please note; I work in an OPEN PLAN office environment.  Whilst the other guy likes to clear his throat literally every ten seconds.  I think the frog in his throat finds its immediate environment too comfy and just doesn’t want to leave.  At times I just want to grab my stapler or Post It Note pad and with my Wonder Women strength, hurl these items directly at them!  Believe me, some my work colleagues will back me up on these annoyances.

Very interestingly, a professor a British University took some time to survey what sounds people thought as most annoying.  “The Internet study, overseen by England’s Salford University lecturer Trevor Cox, took a year to complete and involved people listening to 37 sounds on his Web site, sound101.com, and rated them on a scale of irritability.  The list includes grating sounds such as fingernails scratching a blackboard, babies crying and the ubiquitous cell phone ring tones….. The most irritating sound, according to the online vote, is vomiting.”

So to add a few more items to the list of annoying sounds, which you may nod your head in agreement and say to yourself, yes that is annoying!

  1. Someone chewing gum in your ear (OMG, just shut your mouth okay!)
  2. Slurping food (that’s just gross and you have bad manners!)
  3. Loud breathing (breathe through your nose please!)
  4. Alarm clocks (shut up!)
  5. Car alarms (shut up!)
  6. Clicking pens (do you really have to do that?)
  7. Dogs barking (where’s the local dog ranger?)
  8. Screeching brakes (take your car to a mechanic already!)
  9. Dentist drill (shivers down spine also in terror)
  10. Speaker or microphone feedback (ouch my ears really hurt now, thanks!)

Lastly I would like to add there is ONLY EVER ONE funny and hysterical annoying sound which you can find here – the most annoying sound in the world – yes I’m crying and laughing at the same time right now!  ENJOY!

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